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Power of PowerBI tools for tracking multiple social networks performance.

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Improve tracking of your social networks perfomance in one place!

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A: In case you are using a network not listed in the currently supported one, we can provide you with assistance in adding those networks to our product. Our long term goal is to have as many different networks included so that we can provide you with a complete overview of each social network’s success.

A: Yes, all reports are completely customizable to suit your specific needs. They all come with predefined mostly used metrics (around 40 of them), so you will have an easier time creating necessary views of the data. In case you have specific metrics or visuals you want to include which are not yet supported, our team of expert will be glad to help you include them.


A: To use this tool, you need to have a Microsoft PowerBI pro or premium license.

A: Yes, we can connect to almost all on-premise or cloud databases. We can also help you in setting up incremental refreshes in case full refresh is too heavy for database infrastructure.

A: At the moment we are unable to provide streaming or real-time data in the reports, but we can provide near real-time with a half-hour refresh (in case you use premium capacity) or two hours intervals in case you use pro license.

A: There are no hidden costs. After you purchase tool and setup, you are free to use it with no reoccurring additional maintenance costs from our side. Maintenance is required only in case social networks Apis change. That is something we cannot predict, but we will provide the necessary assistance to help you mitigate those issues.

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