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List.Generate() and Looping in PowerQuery

In this blog, we will explain an advanced topic about the M language – using List.Generate to loop over a table. We will combine our knowledge of lists, records, functions, iterations, and looping techniques. Basically, every important object in PowerQuery. Do-while Loop in PowerQuery Do while loop is commonly used...

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Using M to dynamically change column names in PowerQuery

In this article, we are going to talk about cleaning and transforming column names dynamically and in a bulk. The article was inspired by a request from a client who had issues exporting data from its data warehousing program to .csv files. Out of an unknown reason, program was adding...

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Pivottables inside the PowerBI – The DAX way

PivotTables, or pivoting, is by far the best analytical power of Excel. You digest the data and play with it on the fly. Heck, PowerBI is pretty much PivotTables with pretty visuals, just a lot smarter (because of DAX). While PowerBI offers many stunning looking visuals including matrices, they do...

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Microsoft certifikat za BI reporting


Korištenja modernih Microsoft alata za obradu i analizu podataka (PowerQuery, DAX).


Iskustva u radu unutar PowerBI okruženja.


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