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Split packs into single products in Power Query

Sometimes in the Fact table, we can have packs with multiple products included. In this blog, we will show how to split those packs into individual products and how to assign correct sales values and quantities to each individual product within the pack. The problem The Fact table contains multiple...

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Nested functions and Table.Buffer()

In this blog, we will explain nested functions in Power Query, as well as how to optimize these functions with buffering. By using nested functions and buffering, we will combine most of the advanced M coding. Business case We will demonstrate the business problem we want to solve with the...

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Dynamically remove top rows in Power Query

Removing top rows is straightforward from within the Power Query user interface and if done only upon one source. The problem arises when we need to remove a dynamic number of top rows from multiple sources and we don’t know the exact number of redundant rows in each source. In...

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List.Generate() and Looping in PowerQuery

In this blog, we will explain an advanced topic about the M language – using List.Generate to loop over a table. We will combine our knowledge of lists, records, functions, iterations, and looping techniques. Basically, every important object in PowerQuery. Do-while Loop in PowerQuery Do while loop is commonly used...

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