PowerBI course

PowerBI course is the main course about modern Microsoft BI platform

Course goals

Introduce the participants about the possibilities of the PowerBI platform and PowerBI desktop version. Participants will be presented with the possibilities of the basic data imports from different sources, how to create interactive reports and the possibilities of report sharing through the application of by publishing to the web page.


This course is intended for all the participants who have little to no experience with PowerBI desktop or platform application.


In order to attend this course, you will need to have the latest PowerBI desktop application installed (installation is free). For certain parts of the course it is advisable to use business e-mail to access PowerBI platform (PowerBI prohibits logins coming from private e-mail addresses eg. someone@gmail.com).

Course content

• Why PowerBI?
• PowerBI desktop basics
• PowerBI web service basics

• Data import
• Basic data model design
• Measures basics
• Calculation columns basics

• Data visualization
• Interactions between different visuals
• Interactions between different pages
• Bookmarks&Selection pane
• Themes
• Performance analyzer

• Uploading to web service
• Collaboration on the web service
• Setting up automatic refreshes

• Row-level security
• Comments, alerts, subscriptions
• Analyze in Excel
• Q&A, quick Insights and "Analyze this" options
• Dataflows intro(optional)
• Admin portal features (optional)

For more guidance about general course structures and ways of course handling please follow this link.

Course information
Course duration
Course difficulty
Minimal attendees


Maximal attendees


Price per attendee (netto) *

230,00 €

Course first time held:

*Additional discount is offered for each new attendee. If you have more attendees to apply for the course, or you would like to combine multiple courses, please contact us through the form below. Based on your inquiry, we will send you a more personalized offer.


Krešimir Ledinski

More than 6 years of experience with PowerBI
Holds Microsoft MCSA Certificate in the field of BI reporting.
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