Excel advanced course

Excel training course is based on more than ten years of intensive work on Excel solutions, as well as more than four years of working for multinational companies in the field of market research and FMCG.

We aim to adjust every course to participants’ needs (the whole company or a company department). In order to make the courses as productive as possible, we suggest that you send us your inquiries or topics that you find important in advance so that we could prepare the training materials as precisely as possible.

It is up to you to choose your topics of interest. Based on the information provided about the number of participants and chosen topics we will send you a personalized price offer.

Online Courses can be also held through on-line platforms like Teams, Zoom, Skype etc.


Course can be prepared both for advanced and novice participants, depending on the selected topics.

Course structure

Structure is determined on course to course basis. Each topic is a standalone entity. For certain topics prior knowledge is mandatory and that is clearly stated in the description.


We do not hold a VBA course anymore due to its difficulty for attendees and since it’s becoming kind of a legacy language. If you wanted to attend a VBA course because you need to automatize data manipulations (ETL), we strongly suggest you take a look at the modern PowerQuery course that we do have in offerings.

Excel segments to choose from:

You can check the tabular view of the course topics in the picture below (please click on the picture to enlarge).

For more guidance about general course structures and ways of course handling please follow this link.
Course information
Course duration


Course difficulty
Intermediate to advanced
Minimal attendees


Maximal attendees
Price per attendee (netto) *

30,00€ per person per hour

Course first time held:


*Additional discount is offered for each new attendee. If you have more attendees to apply for the course, or you would like to combine multiple courses, please contact us through the form below. Based on your inquiry, we will send you a more personalized offer.


Krešimir Ledinski

More than 6 years of experience with PowerBI
Holds Microsoft MCSA Certificate in the field of BI reporting.
Learn more about Krešimir

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