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PowerBI integrated GO Planner suitable for real-time analyzing and submitting days off requests. Based on Microsoft technology.

GO Planner is an application used to submit days-off requests from employees to their line managers. It enables employees to fill a request to use their vacation days or choose other leave types such as sickness or maternity leave. The app also provides the ability to view working analytics of every employee, as well as their vacation days used or left.

The app is very user-friendly and easy to use. It is adapted and personalized for every user with the ability to track their own working analytics and to combine their days off according to it.

It provides a faster approach to submit requests without the need of sending multiple e-mails to line managers to negotiate about taking days off work. It saves time for both employees and managers, who are exempt from getting a bunch of e-mails to read. Instead, they can approve or reject requests only with one click.

Main features:

Analyzing in PowerBI

GO Planner is directly connected to PowerBI which provides real-time analytics for a better planning experience of vacation or other types of days off. It contains the number of working days, as well as the possibility to see old and new vacation days used or left.

Through PowerBI, line managers have a full overview of their employees’ work statistics.

Days off request

The app contains a request screen on which users can pick their wanted dates and they also have the ability to choose separate dates to use their vacation days if they want to use it in different periods.

Then, they choose leave type to inform the manager about the reason for missing from work. In case of sickness or maternity leave, employees can also provide attachments of medical or other documentation. If wanted, they can leave an additional comment to the line manager for any further pieces of information.

After picking the line manager and sending a request, the request is automatically sent to their manager via e-mail and app interface. 

While the request is pending, employees still have the chance to see or modify their request. This means that they can also pull the request in pending status. After the line manager approves or rejects the request, the request status immediately changes. All further modifications to the request, such as canceling the request, can be done only by the line manager.

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GO planner is ideal for all businesses and companies that have a larger number of employees with complicated processes of submitting a request for vacation, sickness leaves, paid leaves, etc. The app speeds up and simplifies the process of submitting and answering requests, as well as communication between employees and managers. It also enables tracking working and non-working days and hours, keeping records of their employees, and other types of analysis related to employees through the PowerBI tool. All analytics are personalized based on user requirements and provide a flexible way to analyze employees.

Main advantages:


We provide you with a software license that grants you the right to install the app on your company’s server. Once the app is installed, you don’t have to buy any additional licenses. The number of licenses per user is unlimited, the only condition is to have Office 365 and PowerBI licenses activated. We assist you with installation and can implement any further customization to fit your needs.


We do not charge for monthly maintenance or monthly licensing. After you buy the software and we install it in your environment, the only monthly licensing is coming from Microsoft.

We charge the following: 

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