PowerQuery course

PowerQuery course will help you make data manipulations faster than ever!

Course goals

Introduce the participants with the advanced options of the PowerQuery ETL (extract, transform, load) tool. PowerQuery is a standard tool for ETL which comes already installed with the Excel 2016 version. PowerQuery is also a part of the PowerBI tool.


This course is intended for all the participants who often have to process unstructured data from various different sources (.txt, .csv, Excel, web, SQL databases, etc.), and in that process, they need to refresh, filter, clean or change the structure of the data.


Course can be lectured through PowerBI or Excel interface. In case of using Excel option, participants need to have at least Excel 2016 installed or PowerQuery add-on in case of prior versions. It is advisable to use Excel 365 if possible.

Course content

• What is PowerQuery, the idea behind it and why to use it for data preparations?
• PowerBI desktop basics
• PowerBI web service basics

• Web
• Excel files
• CSV/Text files
• Folder
• Database (SQL)

• Appending Queries
• Merging Queries
• Query dependency view

• Data types
• Column operations - Splitting, Merging, Rearranging, Removing, Adding, Conditional columns
• Column transformations – Cleaning, Remove/Replace values or errors, Fill Down/Up…
• Filtering - Text filters, Numeric filters, Sorting
• Pivot vs Unpivot data
• Group By

• M language basics
• Structure of M language
• Parameters
• Creating functions
• Combining it all together

For more guidance about general course structures and ways of course handling please follow this link.

Course information
Course duration
Course difficulty
basic to intermediate
Minimal attendees


Maximal attendees


Price per attendee (netto) *

230,00 €

Course first time held:

*Additional discount is offered for each new attendee. If you have more attendees to apply for the course, or you would like to combine multiple courses, please contact us through the form below. Based on your inquiry, we will send you a more personalized offer.


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Holds Microsoft MCSA Certificate in the field of BI reporting.
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