PowerBI is a relatively new product made by The Microsoft company. It is created mainly for the purpose of easy and fast data manipulation and visualization of the high data volumes coming from multiple sources. DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) is a formula language which operates inside the PowerBI.

By attending this course, you benefit twice as much!

Everything learned in PowerQuery and DAX course is also applicable in Excel!

All the elements of the PowerBI course (PowerQuery, PowerPivot, and DAX, except for the visualization part) are also included in an Excel version 2010 and above.


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For domestic clients, courses can be held on their premises. If there is a smaller group of attendees, it is possible to hold lectures in Exceed office (up to 5 attendees).

Courses can also be held through online communication platforms (Teams, Skype etc).


The training courses usually last up to 8 hours, and they can be divided into several days depending on the participants’ needs. The daily minimum is 4 hours. You can combine courses, and in that case, total hours for selected courses are cummulated. If you choose to combine courses, for each additional course you are offered with 10% discount.

The training courses can be held individually or in a group (from 3 to 25 participants).


Prices are without VAT. After you submit an inquiry, we will send you an offer based on your input.

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  • WHY DAX?

Power BI is a combination of visualization tools (like Tableau), Self-service analysis tools (like PivotTable) and cloud-based tools for collaboration and sharing.

PowerBI is completely free for download, and with the use of the free version, you can learn all that is needed to implement PowerBI solution into your company.

You can start using paid versions of the tool once you decide to start sharing reports with company colleagues through the PowerBI cloud platform, or through mobile applications. In that case, the price per Pro user is 10$ a month per user, which is still considerably lower compared to other competitive products on the market.

In today's world more and more companies are starting to use all the available sources of the information (whether internally or externally available) for the purposes of the analyses. Better decisions are made upon those analyses, which helps companies reduce the risk associated with the decision-making process. The analyses once made in Excel are becoming harder to conduct and maintain since the sources of the information are growing with each day, while the time needed to make a proper analysis is reducing.

So far most of the time was lost in the data preparation period prior to the actual analysis (import from Excel, databases, .txt files, etc.). You could automate this process to some degree with the help of the Macros, but what if you don’t know how to program in VBA? For that purpose, Microsoft developed a tool called Power Query, which can help you ease the periodic importing of the data and data preparations.

By attending a Power Query course, you will help yourself by automating data loading and transformation parts of your everyday work, without the need of programming in VBA.

After you imported data through Power Query, you need to merge it into a meaningful whole. You need to create a data model. The model is a base on which you will conduct analyses and produce interactive reports. The data model needs to be well structured so that you could get all the benefits of the PowerPivot and data visualization.

The greatest value of the PowerBI tool is the DAX language. With the help of the DAX you will be able to create everything you once used to create using advanced Excel formula and VBA, just much more dynamic and easier. DAX language is more flexible and way faster than Excel formula language, and at the same time, its use results in a lower number of errors in the model. If you are an experienced Excel user comfortable with arrays and SUMPRODUCT formula, you will have an easier time understanding the DAX syntax. DAX can also be used in Excel versions 2010 and above (you need to use PowerPivot instead of a PivotTable). Instead of Excel cells, DAX is written inside Measures.

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