DAX course

DAX course will help you become a Microsoft Business Intelligence Expert!

The DAX course is intended for everyone who wants to learn how to create advanced calculations within the PowerBI system (or modern pivot tables within the Excel tool).

With the knowledge of DAX language, it is possible to write fast and dynamic calculations that were previously extremely difficult, sometimes impossible to make with classic Excel calculations.

After the DAX course, participants will have a  knowledge of the most important concepts of the language and will be able to write DAX calculations themselves with a clear understanding of the background processes.

Courses most often taken in combination with the DAX course:

Course goals

Introduce the participants with advanced capabilities of the DAX language. Participants will learn basic concepts and formula writing standards of the DAX language. Participants will also learn some of the more advanced concepts like iterators, row to filter context transitions, table functions, etc.


This course is intended for all the advanced PivotTable and PowerPivot users (whether they work in Excel or PowerBI environment) who would like to improve PivotTable capabilities, or they need to process and analyze a vast amount of data (several mil. rows and more).


Course can be lectured through PowerBI or Excel interface. In case of using Excel option, participants need to have at least Excel 2016 installed or PowerPivot add-on in case of prior versions. It is advisable to use Excel 365 if possible.

Course content


  • Why is PowerPivot/Tabular used as a Microsoft BI pillar?
  • PowerPivot – what is the difference vs PivotTable
  • What is DAX and how to learn it?

Measures vs Calculated Columns

  • Types of fields in a visual
  • Measure features
    • Explicit vs Implicit Measures
    • Filter Context
  • Calculated columns
    • Row context
  • Where to use which - best practices

Iterative Functions

  • Syntax
    • Explanation with SUMX function
    • X dio radi unutar Row konteksta
  • Usage

Table Functions

  • Grouping Functions
    • ALL
    • VALUES
  • Iterative table functions
    • FILTER
  • DAX Studio
    • Tool basics
    • How to use it to write table expressions
  • Table to scalar transformation

Data Model

  • Optimal Data Structures
    • Filter Columns
    • Value Columns
    • Dimensions vs Fact Tables
  • Model relationships
    • 1 to *
    • * to * - with a detailed explanation and suggestion on its usage.
    • Filter Directions
    • Active vs NonActive relationships
  • Propagation
    • Propagation in Filter Context
    • Propagation in Row Context


  • Syntax
  • Types of Filter Arguments
    • Modifiers
    • Tables with new values
  • Expanded tables concept
  • Crossfilter concept
  • CALCULATE order of evaluation
  • Row to Filter context transition
    • SUMMARIZE with context transition
    • Lineage


  • Definition and where to use them
  • Variables returning scalars
  • Variables returning tables
  • Nested row context

Additional Advanced Topics

  • Introduction to calculation groups
  • Time intelligence implementation best practices

For more guidance about general course structures and ways of course handling please follow this link.

Why choose us?

Experience in advanced DAX programming has opened the door for us into working with large multinational clients, where our calculations pass challenging speed and accuracy tests on models as large as several hundred million rows of data.

Our inspiration are SQLBI guys (who are also our role models), and everything we have learned through years of working on advanced data models, we have translated into this course.

In the course, we teach you not only how to make DAX calculations, but also how to create sustainable data models, which is also extremely important in creating quality PowerBI systems.

We try to make our knowledge of DAX coding and data modeling as transparent as possible by sharing it through our blog and YouTube channel.

We are most proud of our DAX Handbook series on the basics of the DAX language. Here you can read through 30 articles that follow the topics we go through in our live DAX training!

Course information
Course duration

8h (basic)
16h (advanced)

Course difficulty
Intermediate to advanced
Minimal attendees


Maximal attendees
Price per attendee (netto) *

280,00-524,00 €

Course first time held:

*Additional discount is offered for each new attendee. If you have more attendees to apply for the course, or you would like to combine multiple courses, please contact us through the form below. Based on your inquiry, we will send you a more personalized offer.


Krešimir Ledinski

More than 6 years of experience with PowerBI.
Holds Microsoft MCSA Certificate in the field of BI reporting.
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