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Stop feeling like you don’t know what is happening in your company!
We can help you make the right decisions and grow your business.

Our team gives you full support during the implementation of PowerBi tools in your business!

On the project, we work closely with you, the end-users of the tool, so that we can create a system that will provide quality timely information and help you make the right decisions.

PowerBI gives you clarity through data therefore greatly reducing the possibility of making the wrong business actions.

Each of our implementations takes place with a focus on what is most important to you and that is why each implementation is unique!

How do we approach implementation?

Over the last 4 years of working on more than 15 implementations, the 3 most common types of implementation have crystallized:

  • Our team is in charge of the complete implementation and maintenance of the system;
  • Continuous education of users on how to use and modify reports;
  • Operational support in all elements of PowerBI implementation:
    1. DataWarehouse and DataFlows;
    2. PowerBI web and desktop;
    3. Creating and maintaining reports and applications.
  • After the initial implementation, a lump sum is usually agreed upon, which guarantees you the defined number of hours per month. Hours are spent in one of the following ways:
    1. System maintenance;
    2. System modifications;
    3. Help with system updates;
    4. Communication with users and preparation of new reports based on agreed needs.
  • Signing a long-term cooperation agreement;
  • You can think of this type of implementation as outsourced accounting, but within business intelligence.

The most commonly used form of implementation

  • In the initial phase, it is very similar to the "key in hand" type, but with one important difference:
        • From the very beginning, the selected team of people from your company is closely involved in the development process. They participate in all phases of implementation and are trained in parallel to independently maintain and upgrade the system. 
  • This way you can achieve much better and faster implementation of the PowerBI system, alongside with the parallel process of knowledge transfer to your employees who will maintain the same system in the long run.
  • Additional hours of consultation can be arranged after the initial implementation, in case your team of people needs help with more advanced activities, or if they get stuck in any part of the self-development of the PowerBI system.

Help with pre-existing systems

  • Optimization of already existing reporting systems based on the PowerBI tool.
  • It is most often used when a company tries to improve an already implemented PowerBI solution or introduce new features into an existing PowerBI system (e.g. write-back option to write values directly from the PowerBI interface).
  • In this case, we work closely with the creators of the initial solution and develop an action plan to improve the system.
  • The problem can be approached through consulting services (if a minor intervention is required) or through defining the scope of the new solution and reconstruction of the existing one based on the reimplementation contract.

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Make a revolution in your reporting and achieve business growth through data analysis.

There are no hidden costs!

To make sure you get a tool that can help you achieve financial benefits and improve your business, before generating an offer and signing a contract, with each client we follow similar evaluation process.

The process of evaluating your needs based on one of our clients:

The goal of the meeting is to see why you decided to implement the PowerBI tool.

Some examples of your goals that need to be realized through PowerBI tools:

  • Cost reduction through inventory optimization (better decision making on ordering/manufacturing products through detailed analytics);
  • Faster review of P&L reports and balance sheets in order to see the most up-to-date state of operations, again in order to react faster to the parts of the business that have the greatest impact on the decline in profits;
  • Revenue growth through the detection of business errors (OOS, growing business segments which investments do not follow, etc.).
  • What are the possibilities of connecting to your data (databases, exports from the system or other);
  • Examples of the most important reports and elements that the PowerBI system must meet (in order to justify the transition to PBI);
  • Most often the NDA contract is signed at this stage, and the core problem is visible. Here we can see in which elements PowerBI can make a difference compared to the existing solution.
  • A very important meeting where we, based on all your inputs, present where the greatest benefits of the PowerBI tool would be;
  • We further agree on all the necessary elements that the system must meet;
  • Here we often also define your approximate investment budget.
  • It is not always necessary, especially if a person who can make a decision was involved from the beginning, or if the elements of the offer have already been elaborated in sufficient detail.

The process from the initial contact to the sending of the offer usually takes up to 30 days.

Our Team

Krešimir Ledinski

8+ years of experience with Microsoft BI systems. Experience in multinational companies. Consultant for Microsoft BI stack (PowerBI web and desktop, PowerQuery, Dataflows, M, DAX, Security).

Certified Microsoft Expert (MCSA) in the field of BI reporting.

Responsible for understanding the client's needs, system development and user education.

Kristian Radoš

Expert in PowerApps and PowerBI systems. Responsible for development and creation of advanced calculations for PowerBI (DAX and M).

Specialized in achieving additional functionality of PowerBI tools using PowerApps technology. He possesses knowledge of relational database management and SQL coding.

Doris Domjanić

Specialized in design and storytelling, and creation of high-quality reports based on essential information collected from the client.

When implementing the PowerBI solutions, she also participates in the creation of automated scripts for data processing (PowerQuery).


Certified Trainer


Microsoft certificate for being experts in BI reporting.


Certified Data Analyst Associate


working with modern Microsoft tools for data manipulation and analysis.


of experience working with the PowerBI environment.


Satisfied domestic and international clients.

General Implementation Guidelines

We provide BI solutions based on all available data sources relevant to your business.

Connect to over 130 different data sources, including:

  • Databases (SQL, Oracle, IBM, SAP…)
  • Online services (SharePoint, Exchange, Google Analytics, Facebook…)
  • Files (Excel, CSV, txt,..)
  • Azure, OData feeds,
  • Web

The set data models can be automatically refreshed at desired intervals (per hour, daily, weekly…).

There are options for both real-time reporting and data streaming.

When creating reports, we work closely with the creators and users of the report. Based on their decisions about what is important for business, we build reports based on the principle “less is more”. This way, we enable each user to find quality information through interactive reporting.

We also educate users on how they can use the reports and further modify them.

The goal of each of our PowerBI solutions is to move the analysis from mere observation to quality knowledge that can be quickly applied in real business and bring you financial benefits!

From the beginning of 2019, we provide the possibility of online assistance in creating data models, DAX calculations, and formatting interactive reports. We are proud to work with several multinational companies in the implementation of PowerBI solutions in their business.

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