Working with PowerBI since 2015.

Managed complex PowerBI integrations in several multinational companies.

Creating PowerApps/Excel applications based on modern Microsoft technologies.

Svi proizvodi su rezultat dugogodišnjeg iskustva u radu s klijentima i prepoznavanja njihovih ključnih potreba. Bazirani na modernim Microsoft tehnologijama.

We hold the Microsoft MCSA(BI) certificate of excellence in the field of business intelligence reporting.

Online consultations

We offer remote consultations about PowerBI/PowerQuery/DAX/PowerApps through the online communication platforms like Teams, Skype, AnyDesk etc.

PowerBI solutions

We offer guidance and assistance throughout the whole PowerBI implementation.​

Data modeling

Evaluation of existing data models and suggesting optimization techniques.

PowerApps application development

We offer customized PowerApps development and its integration with the PowerBI environment.

PowerBI/PowerApps live training

We provide live training to companies, either on-premise of through online collaboration tools (Teams, Zoome etc).

Excel applications development

We offer custom Excel application development in which, if needed, we can include modern Microsoft technologies.

All services are based on Microsoft technologies.

Not certain which service you need? Maybe answers to these questions might help?

A: Yes, we do provide on hands help with implementation and guidance throughout the whole process and post-process activities. We can work with you on-site or through online channels. In case of this approach suits you, it would be best to check the PowerBI solutions offering and to reach us through a form.

A: Although certain PowerBI visuals offer writeback functionality, they are quite limiting in answering specific demands. In case you need a custom writeback capability, we can help you by creating a specific PowerApps solution that allows you to create additional interactivity right inside of the PowerBI interface (eg. write-back functionality, sending approvals/offerings/invoices, etc).

A: In DAX, there are many ways of writing a formula that returns the same result. In certain situations, although correct, your formula could be slow in case you do not follow general guidance on efficient DAX coding (too many nested iterators, too much materialization, etc. ). In some cases, it could be due to model relationships or model setup. We can help you optimize those calculations and give you general guidance on how to keep your model fast in the future.

A: Currently, we provide on-site training courses for the Adriatic region. In case you wish to attend courses but are from a different region, we can schedule an online course through online meeting platforms. You can see more about our on-site training course offerings here.

A: Currently, we are in the middle of transferring our most successful on-site courses into its equivalent on-demand ones. They will be very detailed, with many videos, labs, and quiz types of lectures. We are determined to provide high-quality materials, so the courses should be available until the end of 2020.

Update! PowerQuery course is ready for enrollment!

A: Yes, we do create specific, business-oriented Excel applications with the use of a VBA. When possible, we also try to implement modern Excel technologies like PowerQuery/PowerPivot/Flow to provide our users with more functionality.

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Certified Trainer


Microsoft certificate for being experts in BI reporting.


Certified Data Analyst Associate


working with modern Microsoft tools for data manipulation and analysis.


of experience working with the PowerBI environment.


Satisfied domestic and international clients.

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