Powerapps Course

The PowerApps course will allow you to develop the necessary skills to create applications suited to your business needs!

If you use an Office 365 subscription, then your knowledge of PowerApps technology can greatly facilitate your business needs!

PowerApps is a modern Microsoft technology whose purpose is to provide users, who are not primarily programmers, with an easy and intuitive way of creating advanced applications. Applications that previously required a full team of IT professionals, can now be implemented by business users with knowledge of the unique PowerFX language.

Applications you build behave the same as the ones for which you would pay 5 to 10 times more in the initial investment, and the complexity of maintaining them is many times less.

Applications are automatically adjusted for mobile phones and tablets. As a backend database, they can use all most known sources (SQL, SharePoint, Excel, etc.).

Examples of where PowerApps can make your business easier/faster:

Course goals

Introduce participants with the main features and ways to use PowerApps, and show the app development from the basics to a more advanced understanding of their capabilities.

PowerApps is a suite of services, connectors and data platforms that enables the rapid development of applications tailored to business needs.


The course is intended for all participants whose business is to optimize company workflows with modern and easy-to-use Microsoft technology.

If you are responsible to speed up processes in your company (such as field data entries, cascading tasks, multiple users inputs, etc.), then this is the course for you!


PowerApps technology requires user licensing either through an Office 365 license (standard features) or through a standalone PoweraApps license (per user or per app license).

Course content

PowerApps basics

  • What is PowerApps?
  • Building blocks of each application (introductory part)
    • Canvas
    • Tree map
    • Objects
    • Properties
  • Example of application development
    • From Blank
    • From Data
  • Licensing
    • Office 365
    • Per user
    • Per app

Data sources

  • Connector types
    • Standard
    • Premium
  • Establishing a connector
  • Sources in more detail (advantages and disadvantages):
    • SharePoint list,
    • Excel,
    • SQL database
  • Introduction to the concept of delegation
    • An extremely important topic when creating more advanced applications

Controls and properties

  • The difference between controls and properties within a PowerApps system
  • Main controls:
    • Text input,
    • Dropdown,
    • Combobox
  • On properties and other essential properties
    • Dispay mode
    • Visible
    • Default
    • Items
    • Selected

PowerFX formulas

Building blocks of PowerFX language

  • Operators
  • Behavior formulas:
    • Navigate,
    • Collect,
    • Patch,
    • Clear...
  • Table functions:
    • Filter,
    • Sort,
    • Search,
    • LookUp...


  • Types of variables and their features
    • Collections
    • Global variables
    • Contextual variables
  • Defining and using variables

  • What are galleries/forms?
  • The difference between galleries and forms and where to use them
  • Gallery preview, with explanation of the most important properties
    • Template galleries
    • Selected
    • AllItems
  • Form preview, with the explanation of the most important properties
    • New
    • Edit
    • View
  • Adding attachments

Microsoft integration

  • Power Automate
  • PowerBI integrations
  • Teams integrations

For more information on the general structure of courses and how to take them visit this page.

Why choose us?

We have been working with PowerApps/Flow technologies for more than 3 years (since the very beginning of the PowerApps system). So far, we have created over a dozen of functional PowerApps applications that are being used in production continuously and through which our clients have saved over 1000 working hours and optimized their business in many ways.

In addition to the above, we have created several applications that we were able to commercialize. You can check those applications on our page via the links below:

Course informations
Course duration
Course difficulty

basic to intermediate

Minimal attendees


Maximal attendees


Price per attendee (netto)*

320,00 €

Course first time held:


*Additional discount is offered for each new attendee. If you have more attendees to apply for the course, or you would like to combine multiple courses, please contact us through the form below. Based on your inquiry, we will send you a more personalized offer.


Kristian Radoš

PowerApps/PowerBI tehnology expert
Certified Data Analyst Associate
3+ years of experience in creating functional PowerApps applications
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