All services/courses are based on Microsoft technologies. In the case of developing PowerBI solutions, we are able to link several different technologies to unify data for reporting purposes.

We hold a Microsoft MCSA (BI) certificate of excellence in the field of business intelligence reporting.

PowerBI is a relatively new product made by The Microsoft company. It is created mainly for the purpose of easy and fast data manipulation and visualization of the high data volumes coming from multiple sources. DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) is a formula language which operates inside the PowerBI.

By attending this course, you benefit twice as much!

All the elements of the PowerBI course (PowerQuery, PowerPivot, and DAX, except for the visualization part) are also included in an Excel version 2010 and above. Everything you learn in PowerBI course can also be applied to the Excel, and vice versa!

Reports design development and guidance throughout the whole process of business intelligence implementation based on Microsoft PowerBI technology.

Implementation is based on the established data model in PowerBI or Excel (version 2013 onwards). The data model is based on all available sources important for our clients business.

Help and guidance during the implementation of Business Intelligence models based on Microsoft PowerBI platform.

When creating a data model, it is possible to implement all data sources that are available to your company, like:

  • Company data (revenue, sales data, costs, supplies etc.),
  • Retail&Consumer research data,
  • Publicly available data (Country population census, amount of daily rainfall per different regions/cities…),
  • Web & social networks data.
  • Supply and demand projections.

Excel training courses are based on more than seven years of intensive work on Excel solutions, as well as more than four years of work for multinational companies in a field of Market research and FMCG.

We are constantly educating ourselves in the fields of new Excel and Power BI possibilities.

The training courses are based on the best practices, tricks and experiences gathered at the previous training sessions.

Through the synergy between Excel and VBA, as well as using other MS Office tools (Access, Word, PowerPoint...), we can design business solutions that will satisfy the current needs of your company in a very short time, all for an acceptable price.

Excel is a universal tool that offers proficient programmers unlimited possibilities of data processing, database creation, business process automatization and various kinds of data input creation.

All users of Excel Applications will be getting continuous support from our team.

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